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Does your skin need a little TLC? We offer the traditional facial services and then some!

If you need a little extra pick me up, you may want to look into the following upgrades:

 [ Microdermabrasion ]

  • ​A mechanical exfoliation that uses a device that has a diamond head tip and suctioning feature.

  • This technique sloughs off the dead and dull surface layers of the skin, stimulating an increase in collagen production and rejuvenation.​

Dermaplaning ]

  • This is a manual technique using a sterile surgical blade to remove dead skin and vellus hair ​(often refer to as peach fuzz).

  • It also helps reduce acne scars and soften fine lines. 

  • Works for all skin types

[ Enzyme Peel ]

  • ​This is a more gentle peel compared to chemical peels.

  • Enzyme peels is typically a blend of natural fruit ingredients (enzymes) and is one of the gentlest methods of exfoliation. 

  • It removes top layers of skin to exfoliate and expedite cell turnover, leading to a fresher, more glowing skin.

  • If you have never had a chemical peel before and are thinking about getting one this is a good starting point.




Now one of the most popular requests LASH EXTENSIONS! I am not going to lie, they do become addicting! It is amazing how one a simple change can really make ones life easier and happier. 

So what exactly are lash extensions? Using synthetic or mink lashes we individually apply them to each individual natural lash with a high quality strong bond glue. Typically you will find with lash extensions there is no need for the use of lash curler or applying mascara. 


Since they are applied to individual lash they fall out with your natural lashes. The average lash shedding cycle is 4 weeks. Therefore fills are required to keep them looking full. Everyone sheds on different cycles. Depending on how often you shed and how you care for them, fills are required every 2-3 weeks.

Everyone has their own unique shape and size eyes. As a lash artist it is our job to work with clients to achieve the best suited look. 

[ FAQ ]

How long does it take?

- For your first initial session it takes approx. 2 HRs.

- Fills typically take 1HR

Who is not suited for lash extensions?

- If you have gaps/permanent loss of lashes.

- If your lashes are brittle or has breakage. (This is not a complete deal breaker. I recommend those who have this issue to invest in lash serums to help strengthen your lashes prior to getting lash extensions.)

Can I remove them myself?

- This is strongly not recommended. The glue used to apply lash extensions is different then the typical drugstore lash glue. It requires the use of a eyelash glue debonder to remove lashes.

- It is recommended to have a professional remove it to avoid any permanent damage, lash loss or breakage to your natural lashes. 



Facial . Lashes . waxing

Tired of plucking or shaving? Wax services are also available. 

Waxing is a quicker method of removing unwanted hair. It also helps thin and slow hair growth if done over a long period of time. Also, by waxing there are less chances for ingrown hairs to occur.

There are two types of waxes, soft and hard (which both are available);


This wax is most commonly used.

The wax is applied thinly and removed with a strip.

It is ideal for finer hairs.


This wax is applied thicker and requires no strip for removal.

Best for removing coarse or thicker hair.

The main difference between the waxes is that soft wax typically removes dead skin along with the hair. While hard wax adheres only to the hair and does not pull on the skin.

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