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Uneven Brows? Sparse Brows? Thin Brows? Want fuller looking brows? OR if you are just plain tired of filling in your brows everyday?



Does your skin need some TLC?

We will work together to create a facial treatment especially for you! 

Want lashes that will flatter and flatter? or

If you have any unwanted hair, we wax too! 

Providing all the makeup services you need!

Whether it is your wedding day, birthday or a special event!

We'll make sure that you and all of your ladies (and gents if they like!) are looking flawless.


Hi there!  I'm Miss Mum, a professional makeup artist and licensed aesthetician located in Jacksonville,  FL.

My passion is fueled by two things; helping people bring to surface their inner beauty and the other is a quote I've been living by ever since I heard it, "Work for passion and not money." - VG.


Makeup is not made to be a mask nobody recognizes, but rather it enhances the natural beauty you've been given. Through my services I am rewarded by the beatific smile my client's would flash at me after their makeover. They exude confidence, empowerment and just a sense of awe in theirselves. Their inner beauty resonates through the photos.

There is no better feeling than helping individuals feel beautiful inside & out. 

Thank you for popping in and looking forward to working with you! 


. X O .

Miss Mum




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